You’re Invited To Do Booty Barre With Beyonce.


Dear Readers:

Two Words: Booty Barre.

I’m totally obsessed.

I know this might come as a surprise being my career of choice, but I have never been one of those women who loves heading to the gym. If I am being really honest, I don’t even enjoy sweating all that much.  I prefer movement to not only hold meaning, but be fun. Booty Barre allows for both; it’s truly one of the most challenging and enjoyable workouts I’ve ever done.

Though some people are writing it off as just another fad, I see it as a great way to let loose, train your body, and meet new people in environment that is all about having a good time.  At JMP, we have taken the course a little further with Beyonce themed classes that have been hugely successful (thanks to you).

Though it is barre-based, the truth is that you don’t need to have a dance background to be good in this class. All you really need is to not take yourself too seriously.  You might be worried about having two left feet, but trust me, everyone buggers up the steps, or falls off their relevé at some point (myself included).

With a Bey beat, and a smile on your face, you’re guaranteed to have a great workout.

Without naming names, a couple of my clients have been participating in barre for about three months now. At first, they could not find their feet or count to eight, and they required a drink break every eight minutes or so. Now, as I watch them breeze through their warm-up’s, and coordinate their movements to the beat, I feel like a proud mother.

Again, this is an individual workout that feels much like a team sport with everyone working together to get through the sequence. The positive energy created in the room is infectious.

Workouts are not about “no pain, no gain” pressure. They are meant to be enjoyable, and Booty Barre is just that. With moves called the cougar, and Booty Hips, you can’t help but to have fun. You will leave the class exhausted, confident, and smiling.

What’s better than that?

Much Love,