Winter Blues? 5 Ways To Not Hate The Cold (No, Really).


Dear Readers:

As winter has arrived, many will notice their moods will begin to change. Without the warm sunny days (and loads of extra vitamin D) it’s easy to snuggle up with the winter blues if not full-on seasonal affective disorder. Today, I would like to share 5 ways to stay positive and productive during these cooler months,

Accept Reality. It sounds silly, but how many people spend their entire fall and winter months complaining and whining about the cold and “counting the days” until summer? Weather talk is common, but when you think about how negative it is to resist your current reality on a daily basis, you begin to realize that you’re encouraging unnecessary negativity.

Now, make the most of it. There’s a lot of good things about the season, so find ways to enjoy and indulge in what is associated with these months. Mulled wine, bonfires, under-the-blanket movie nights with tea and more time with friends and family indoors are all good things (some in more moderation than others). A sweat-inducing booty barre or Pilates class never hurt anyone, either ;).

Stop being so hard on yourself. There are going to be moments when you indulge, forgo the workout and choose to stay in bed instead of tackling your “to-do” list. You’re human. Allow yourself to be and just get back on track without punishing yourself.

Get Away. On Tuesday, I posted about healthy retreats (and my getting away to the snow!), but booking any holiday works for you in a number of ways. First, studies have shown that anticipation serves as a mood-booster and the holiday itself can be a relaxing refuge. Bring along a loved one or a great friend and make a fantastic memory or go solo and reconnect with yourself!

Finally, be grateful. For the tastes, smells and treats of each season and the opportunity to experience each and every one, making the most of your days and infusing them with balance, harmony, good health, and yes, a bit of wine.

What’s your favourite thing about Winter?

Much Love,