When Is The Right Time To Quit a Class?

Dear Readers:
Not too long ago, I had a client ask me when it was time to quit a kickboxing class. “I just don’t think it is doing anything for me,” she said. I thought she posed an interesting question in that so many people stay in classes out of habit and so many others quit before they can really see results.  Today, I wanted to share five ways to know you’re on the right track.
1. You like your class. OK, maybe you don’t always get up with a smile on your face, and perhaps there are days when you really need some convincing, but if you’re psyched 90% of the time post-class, there’s a good chance you’ve found your match.

2. You feel challenged. Fitness should be fun, but it should also push you to achieve new goals and leave you with a sense of accomplishment that extends beyond having shown up for class.

3. Your instructor shakes things up. Muscles have memory and just because you’re in a Pilates, Yoga or Booty Barre class doesn’t mean you should be doing the same routine on repeat. Not only is it counterproductive, it’s boring.

4. You’re seeing results. It may not happen the way you expect for it to, or when you expect it to, but you should be seeing changes in your body after week six.

5. You’re noticing benefits beyond your booty. Exercise is not only great for slimming down and toning up; it releases endorphins, helps lower cortisol levels and can lead to better mind-body awareness. You may notice that you’re craving different foods, in a better mood or sleeping better.


Much Love,