What Kind Of Energy Do You Emanate?

Dear Readers:
I hope all of you are having a happy, healthy and productive week. The studio has been bustling with good energy (in spite of the cold) and it made me think about the ways in which approaching something with an open mind and a positive mindset can change an entire experience.
 In many classes from Pilates to Yoga, practitioners will “set an intention” before they begin. It sounds a bit silly, but everyone who has done it knows that taking that moment to create a purpose can transform an average workout into one that truly leaves you feeling challenged, refreshed and feeling good inside and out.
As an instructor, I know that my energy sets the tone and creates the environment as soon as I walk into a class or session. When I connect with my clients, am understanding and friendly, open and patient, they open up to me and tend to enjoy their session more. They are also less tense and able to breathe properly; two essential components to success in all programmes, but especially in Pilates.
Today, I want all of you to really think about the energy you are bringing into the room, even when alone. Are you waking up feeling defeatist? Are you taking a moment to set the tone for your day? Are you talking yourself out of a good workout before you even begin? What we put out creates ripples into the world, and when we put out something positive and inspiring, we may change a life beyond our own.
Much Love,