What Do You Refuse To Accept?

imageDear Readers:

How often do you find yourself resisting reality. Perhaps you’re avoiding having an important discussion, taking real inventory of your life or health, or leaving bills unopened on your counter. How do you feel about this resistance?

As a studio owner, I have the wonderful position of working with many different personalities with their very own full lives. This means that I am often privy to a number of point-of-views and habits that showcase a full range of human expression.  I’d bet  that we all push away something that we need to accept and work through. I do not believe there is one among us (myself included) who does not need a little help accepting something that brings them a lot of anxiety, concern, pain or confusion but is simply allowing fear to bully them into believing that if they ignore it, it will go away.

It won’t.

Accepting where we are is not always easy, but doing so can change everything in an instant. When we accept who we are, what we think, feel, want and need– right here in this moment–we liberate ourselves. We take our energy back and place control of our lives back into our own hands. Even if we do not know what steps to take just yet, this should be celebrated as an acquisition of personal power.  The problem we are facing often shrinks by our very acknowledgement of it. Miscommunications melt into a warm conversation and we find ourselves in a space that is filled with more action than anxiety.

Today, I encourage all of you to think about something you want to accept and move past. Maybe write down the issue and describe your fear surrounding acceptance of it. What would accepting it mean? What might happen? How likely are your fears to come into fruition? What can you do, right now, to address it?

Much Love,