Truth or Myth? Coffee Can Increase Endurance


Dear readers:

It’s one of the first things many of us reach for in the morning for many reasons; flavor, habit, to help us get our second eye open, to aid in endurance and fat loss….

Yes, you read that right.

There are a number of studies that have been done on the subject of caffeine’s effects on exercise and performance, and from what has been published, there’s a real connection there.  In fact, a study published in Sports Medicine reported that athletes who consume caffeine before a workout are able to train stronger and longer than those who do not.  Add in the noted fat burning properties (caffeine has been noted for forcing the utilization of fat cells for energy), increased metabolism and mental alertness, and there’s a strong argument supporting that, in fact, caffeine (by way of coffee or green or black tea) can give you an edge.

The concern I have is when clients only have coffee when coming into the studio.  A healthy, light breakfast is always a good idea, and certainly, dehydration is going to work against you when working up a sweat. The key is to pay attention to your overall health and wellness and make sure to drink plenty of decaffinated, low-calorie, low-sugar fluids in addition to your morning cuppa.

Do you ever use coffee as a fitness aid?

Much Love,