To Love Pilates Is To Know The History


As a Pilates fan, practitioner, instructor and studio owner, I find it very important that people understand and appreciate not only the aesthetic and social components of the practice, but also the purpose and platform created by founder, Joseph Pilates 100 years ago.

I recently came across this wonderfully candid piece in Well & Good and thought it was such an incredibly candid and fair assessment of the current dichotomy in the practice that I wanted to share it with all of you.

Don’t get me wrong: I love that so many people are combining the things they love with fitness (fashion, socializing, etc) and that it has become more a part of an overall lifestyle than a chore, but the idea that the boutique craze is serving to alienate some from (and confuse others about) a wellness program is concerning.

Today, I am hoping you will take a moment and read the post and share your thoughts with me. What do you get most out of Pilates. How aware of the history of the practice are you? Also, be honest: did/do you find the classes intimidating?

Much Love,