Time To Create Our New Monthly Goals!


Dear Readers:

It’s accountability time!

Let’s take a look at last month’s goals:

Try at least one new recipe per week.  I have been loving this goal. In fact, it may be my favourite one so far. Peace has been really into the idea as well. So lot’s of new tasty flavour combinations have been happening in my household.

Ride my bike. This one has been a total fail, and i blame it entirely on this heat wave we are having here in Sydney. Perhaps one i can implement more once the temperature drops.

Reading at bed time. I mentioned this goal to one of my clients, and she promptly arrived at her next session with a stash of new books.  You have to love encouraging clients. Personally, I am a slow reader.  I often fall asleep after five or six pages, but I am loving this new ritual.

Now, onto this month!

Coffee. I used to never drink coffee. I really don’t like almond or soy milk, and black coffee was just a little to strong for me. As such, it was easy to never have coffee as a part of my day-to-day. That was until my lovely local coffee shop started to allow me to eave my coconut milk there, my coffee addiction has grown a little stronger. I really like coffee and have nothing against it, i just know that when its the first thing i think about in the morning, then there is a slight dependance going on. My goal is to limit myself to four cups per week.

Take a little more me time. I have been noticing that I have not have that much down time of late. Ive been having lots of fun and enjoying my friends and family, but I do need to schedule in a little more quiet time.  I only have one full day off of work, and I need to make that 24 hours count.

Go on an adventure. My friends and I used to have this day called adventure day. We would go somewhere new and it could only be an  hour out of the city maximum as it was just a day trip. It was fantastic. It’s amazing what you can find just an hour out of the city. I want to bring back my adventure day.

Now it’s your turn! What are your goals?

Much Love,