Three Surefire Ways To Get Motivated And Moving (Every Time)

Dear Readers:
I hope you all enjoyed the long Easter weekend and found ways to connect with yourself, those around you and all of the beauty Mother Nature has given us in these first days of Fall.  After so much relaxation it can be hard to get motivated to jump back into the day-today (and let’s be honest;  if we have indulged a bit, getting back on track health wise can seem a little less fun than usual). Today, I wanted to share three ways that never fail to get me moving. Best of all, they are scientifically proven to work.
Get A Partner-In-Crime: Isn’t it a strange thing that we can talk ourselves out of eating healthfully, getting a good-for-us workout in or getting to bed at an hour that will provide us enough sleep to do our best the next day, but when we have someone else depending on us to do these things, we suddenly don’t want to let them down? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. A study published in The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology by doctors as Dartmouth University and Brown Medical School found that those who partnered with a mate lost more weight than those who followed their own schedule and worked out on their own. If it’s too much to commit to one partner’s schedule, why not use a Pilates or Booty Barre class as a way to connect with different friends? Invite them for a workout and grab a healthy lunch or dinner afterwards.
Change Your Mindset: While I do my best to stay balanced and upbeat, no one is immune to negative emotions or thinking patterns. That said, it is essential to find a way out of this mindset if you want to be productive in--and out--of the gym. A study performed by positive Psychologist researcher, Barbara Erickson from the University of North Carrolina, found that negative emotions cause us to think more narrowly thus encouraging fight or flight-style reactions which are best suited for extreme circumstances. Positive thinking encourages us to see more possibilities for ourselves in our lives and also lead to more skill-building, according to Erickson.  As a fitness professional, this is something I see on a daily basis, and it brings me such joy. When I watch a client move from their first class to their tenth to their twentieth, I not only see them become more fluid in their motions, but I watch their confidence grow. They are seeing themselves grow and expand as individuals while enjoying the changes in their bodies. This leads me to…
Reward Yourself:  There is something truly wonderful about tapping into that reward center of the brain. We like to feel as though we have “won” something, we have “beat the clock” and are able to “rise to the challenge”. Instead of rewarding yourself with something that will feel like a penalty later (a second helping of cake), find different rewards that will enhance different areas of your life. Perhaps a great week of classes results in a brunch and museum date with a friend or a much-needed solo date where you get a fresh manicure or a deep tissue massage.
Today, I would like to ask all of you how you motivate? What’s your secret?
Much Love,