The Three Things To Consider When Making Resolutions

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Dear Readers:

2016 is right around the corner and many people are starting to think about the resolutions they want to make and achieve in the coming year. I have always appreciated the idea of goal-setting, but I feel like resolutions tend to be a double-edged sword. People start out so dedicated to the life changes themselves without really thinking about how to get from A to B. Today, I want to share three things to consider.

What Is My Motivation? One of the most important elements in maintaining consistency in any habit is to find something that motivates you to do what you do. Think about your larger motivations (longer life, more flexibility, tighter bum) as well as your daily motivators (endorphin high, “you” time).

What Is My Outlook? So often, I hear about people who look at things they engage in as tasks they have to do instead of things they choose to do–or even get to do. It’s amazing what changing the way you think about what you do will change how you do it (and how often you want to).  Whether it’s drinking more water or making a class, there’s nothing more debilitating than feeling as though you have yet another pressure and expectation being laid upon you. I feel this is why so many people find it difficult to maintain healthy habits. Think about these changes as a second chance at living a better life and you might find yourself more inclined to stick with it.

How Will I Overcome Challenges? It won’t always be fun to get up and go, choose the healthier food option or juggle the tasks of the day. Think about possible obstacles and how to overcome them and you’ll be more inclined to stick with the programme.

 What is your healthy resolution and your best tip for staying with it?

 Much Love,