The Myth of the “Pilates Body”

Celebrity Fitness Instructor Johanna May Irwin of Johanna May Pilates in Sydney Australia.

Dear Readers:

Last week, I was having a conversation with a gorgeous woman about the fun I have in my Pilates class and invited her to come and join us. Her beautiful smile softened and she uttered the words that broke my heart. “I could never do that, I am too fat. People would laugh at me.”

First of all, she was not “fat” and even if she was, there is no standard size when it comes to being healthy and beautiful. Secondly, I wanted to wrap my arms around her because the very thought that she would not do something that clearly interested her based on what she feared others might think about her body was devastating to me.

I’ll spare you my upset over the perpetuation of the idea that one has to hold certain measurements to be deemed attractive, but I will say as loudly as possible that classes and fitness are open to people of all shapes and sizes. More than that, they should feel welcoming.

We are all there together to focus on health and wellness and to have a good time challenging ourselves, supporting one another and getting to know the capabilities of our bodies. Classes are and should remain judgment-free zones, and it is important to note that starts with us. We have to love and appreciate and respect our own bodies and learn to feel grateful for the fact that we are able to get up and move, regardless of what the scale says.

A body in motion is beautiful–whatever its size.

Much Love,