The Mat/Life Balance

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Dear Readers:

One of the most incredible things about Pilates is the emphasis it places on the mind and body connection. Unlike many other exercise programmes, Pilates favors precision over power and thus requires us to remain engaged from start to finish.

That said, anyone who has ever practiced more than a few times knows that what is going on in ones life eventually finds itself on the mat. I have seen clients fight this; they get exasperated and fall into a cloud of self-judgement and others who simply give up all together. It’s disheartening for me to watch as I know it’s not only on the mat this happens.

Life is rarely stable in every area, and moments of tranquility and perfect focus are usually preceded or followed by times of disrupt and stress. Those who succeed are the ones who prepare and stick with “the programme” so to speak. In doing so, we not only stay on our path but also prove to ourselves that we have what it takes to survive and succeed through an “off” day or even several consecutive ones.

Today, I want to encourage you to practice acceptance of the challenges you face in your workout, relationships and throughout the day. See these challenges for what they truly are: Lessons to make you a stronger, more confident and more capable future self.

Sometimes the only thing we need to give up on is our ideas of perfection, be it form or formula.

Much Love,