The Inspiring Thing About Imperfection

unnamed-1Dear Readers:
Not too long ago, I received  an incredible compliment from a client who called me “inspiring”.  I was both humbled and honoured by his statement, but also a little red-faced. The idea that my client was looking at me as a source of healthy inspiration immediately brought about mental images of the extra glass of wine and the fight I sometimes have to give to get up and get my own workout in.
That’s when I caught myself.  I was doing what so many of us do; deflecting an incredible compliment. My client was noticing the hard work I was doing in my daily life, in spite of the stumbles, imperfections, and other human elements that always seemed to catch my attention.  This made me think of all of the people around us, the ones we are looking at thinking they have it “all figured out” and the ones looking to us and walking away thinking we do (who knew?)
What an incredibly powerful feeling to know that we are all just walking on our journey, none of us perfect, all of us trying and inspiring, and some of us having the generosity to share it.  In a world that seems so keen on tearing others down, this is really quite comforting–and motivating.
Today, instead of sharing tips and to-do’s, I want to take a moment and let you all know that you should be very proud of the progress you have made thus far–in all areas of your lives–and also proud of the desire you have to get up every day and give it a go, whatever it is.
Healthy living isn’t living, eating, or working out perfectly nor is it solely about a workout and eating your greens. It’s also about a healthy mindset, balance and quality human interaction that’s positive, proactive and productive. No one gets it “right” all of the time, not even fitness instructors, but when we do, it’s nice to know that someone else notices, not for the accolades, but because they see that their own goals are possible to achieve.
Much Love,