The Importance Of Aligning With People Who Share Your Values

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Dear Readers:

Very recently, I had a discussion with a client who was concerned about a coworker she took to another class. This coworker behaved poorly and wound up insulting the instructor. Of course, this poor client was not to blame (and the instructor knew that) but it brought up an important topic: The importance of paying attention to who you surround yourself with.

We speak a lot about protecting our bodies and loved ones, but so often we forget the value in protecting our reputation. Just as bad energy can feel toxic, it also looks bad. As a business owner, fitness instructor, I have learned this (sometimes the hard way). I am constantly faced with situations in which I need to think about who and what I align myself and my brand with. I truly care about my clients and their well-being and anyone I partner with or support must be more than good for business, they must also be good for my clients.

The way we speak, the words we use and the way we approach others has a direct impact on how others feel about and relate to us. More so, the people we partner with (as friends, in life, and in business) can be an extension of this. Our reputation (or brand, if in business) gets a boost or is eroded by proxy.

I thought today would be a good day to think about the things we choose to say and do and how they might look from an outsider’s perspective. Brand owners, how much consideration do you give this when partnering?

Much Love,