The 10-Step Plan To Keep Your Day Under Control (And It Only Takes 10 Minutes).

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Dear Readers:

How many times have you felt as though a “bad morning” has served as a forewarning? There is something to be said for setting the tone for a great day, and while it may feel as though we have no time to do so, the reality is that a positive AM ritual can change the course of your entire day and it only takes a few minutes to indulge. Today, I want to introduce a 10 minute 10-step plan that I can almost guarantee will lead to positive results. Take a look at the list below and give it a go for the next week and see how you feel (and let us know how it worked for you).
1. Open your blinds and look at the sun as soon as you wake up. This lets your body know its day time and will work to regulate your body clock, positively impacting sleep.
2. Give yourself a good morning stretch.  Make sure every limb gets a little attention. This will get your blood flowing.
3. Pour a glass of warm lemon water and sip it slowly. Not only will this help keep you hydrated, it helps aid digestion and ward off colds.
4. Keep morning anxiety away by taking four, calm, very deep breaths. This also lowers cortisol levels (which, when increased, can lead to belly fat).
5. Set your intention for the day. What is your purpose?
6. Drop your favorite oil into a steamy shower. Eucalyptus, spearmint and grapefruit are all mood boosting eye-openers.
7. Listen to your “happy song” on your commute.
8. Make a promise to yourself.  It could be that you will not react to negative comments, make them about yourself or that you will get up and take a bundled walk outside during the workday.
9. Think of three things you are truly grateful for.
10. Greet every person you meet with a smile and you’ll change the energy of the room (and perhaps even the direction of someone elses’ day).
What do you think?
Much Love,