Stay Active Whilst You Chill



Dear Readers:

It’s that time of the year again when autumn begins to flirt and the air gets a little cooler, the nights a bit longer and the motivation we all had in summer starts to slowly melt into something a little less, well, motivating. Before you slip out of your yoga pants into a seasonal wardrobe of sweatpants and jammies, consider these five ways to stay on-track in cooler months.

Get a workout buddy. Take turns “showing up” for each other. Meet one another at class, take a walk together or even do a living room workout on a weekend holiday. Having a teammate will give you the boost you need when the alarm seductively swings its snooze button.

Take photos of your summer bod. No, not to send through late night texts. Having a picture of the hard work you have put in all season is a great way to remind you not to forgo those toning sessions for weeks at a time.

You want to beat the winter blues? Stay active. Exercise has been proven to release feel-good endorphins, lower blood pressure and boost energy and your mood. Try and get at least 30 minutes of movement per day (along with enough vitamin D).

Wear real clothing. A season of leggings and yoga pants can lead to a not-so-comfortable wake-up call at come winter time.

Remember, this is a lifestyle. Exercise is good for more than looking great in a bikini. You’re doing this for your quality of life and all of your organs and muscles as well as your waistline. Stay consistently active.

Much Love,