Sleep Well and Stay Cool


Dear Readers:

We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, but too often we spend our nights scrolling through our phones, texting on WhatsApp or staying up for “just one more episode” in our Netflix binge. But what if you have done all all of the “right” things (i.e, turned off the phone, shut the blinds, put on the eye mask and avoided food and exercise before bed) and still can’t get to (or stay) asleep?

According to a University of Amsterdam study, you may need to cool down a bit–as in your bedroom. Researchers found that a cooler body temperature not only led to deeper sleep, but also raised the metabolism of the participants , who spent a month sleeping at 18C, two months at 23C and one month at 27C.  ‘These were all healthy young men to start with, but just by sleeping in a colder room, they gained metabolic advantages that could, over time, lessen their risk for diabetes and other metabolic problems,” Francesco S. Celi, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University said (to the New York Times).

Guess it’s extra helpful that I am heading to the snow next week!

Much Love,