Ready. Set. Goal! 5 Ways To Succeed Every Single Day (Seriously)



Dear Readers:

Very recently, I had a wonderful discussion with a colleague about follow through. There are some of us who just seem to have it all together in this capacity; they set and achieve goals on what seems like a daily basis. Then, of course, there is the majority; the ones who want and wish, start and stop (or worse, never start at all) and wind up carrying around this heavy weight of defeat on a daily basis.

In my humble opinion, that is no way to live.

I have been on both sides of the fence. It took me a long time to start my own business and “go for it” so to speak, but once I did, I became acutely aware of how life really does “shrink and expand in proportion to ones courage” as Anais Nin once cautioned.

Today, I want to share with you a few ways I have talked myself out of procrastination and moved forward in my own goal-setting. I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Break It Down: A healthy body begins with a healthy mind. It’s nearly impossible to get to where it is that you want to go when you’re being pulled in all directions. Spend the first 15 minutes of your morning really connecting with yourself (even if you’re doing this in the shower or while enjoying your morning cup of tea). Think about what you want to achieve in the morning, afternoon and evening that stands before you. Three main goals, that’s it. This could be to have a healthy breakfast, to clean up your files at the office and then end the day with a good workout or something else that suits you. Then move from there.

Commit: Setting goals is only the first step, now you need to really commit.  Give yourself a moment where you give yourself your word that you are going to commit to achieving these goals. It sounds a little silly, but think about it; how many times have we talked ourselves out of doing things we want to do for ourselves or allow life to get in the way?  When we give our word to a friend or loved one to do something, we usually feel more inclined to keep it. Why not try and do this for yourself and see how it goes?

Take Notes: Whether it’s a new exercise programme, eating plan or thought process, change takes time and real effort, and it’s not always easy to break old habits.  Keep a journal where you can write down your own thoughts, encouragements and challenges. Do this for a week and you will likely begin to notice patterns you can use to your own advantage. For example, say you always find yourself craving junk food around three o’clock and notice that you’re going too far between meals, you can circumvent that by filling that space with an apple and a handful of almonds and a big glass of lemon water.  You may also notice that looking at certain images on Pinterest can motivate you not to skip a workout or that you’re more of a morning person and move your class up.

Take Care Of Yourself: To the point of eating well, it’s essential that you give your body all it needs to thrive and not just survive. That means plenty of water, the right nutrients, a good night’s sleep and some kind of movement every single day. We simply cannot ignore our own needs and expect to live our best lives as our healthiest selves and the ideology that we are selfish to care for ourselves as we do our loves ones must be tossed. It is not only OK to love and care for ourselves, it is essential.

Finally, Be Grateful Each and Every Day: A mind that is grateful leads to a life full of possibility, opportunity and joy.  At the end of each day, be grateful for the achievements you have enjoyed and the chance to do even better tomorrow.

What are your keys to success?

Much Love,