Personal Power is an Inside Job

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Dear Readers:

Working in fitness, I talk a lot about centering and building power in your core. But I want to ask you all something? How powerful do you feel in your daily lives? How “strong” do you feel when it comes to facing day-to-day challenges? How toned is your spiritual center?

If there is a bit of a disconnect, it may be time to make some changes.

Though it’s natural to focus on the physical in the studio, we sometimes forget that personal power is an inside job and it requires dedicated and consistent training. What good is being able to hold a three-minute plank when we can’t pull ourselves up from a proverbial fall?

When we take the time to really connect with ourselves, use our power to choose, our voice to speak up and feel anchored in our values and vision, we become a force in our own lives. Suddenly, we are able face winds of change by bending without breaking and endure a difficult day without allowing ourselves to believe it’s a difficult life.

Today, I want to encourage you all to create a “power space” where you can sit and really work on building your own inner strength. Perhaps it’s a nook where you can write in a journal, or a space in your garden where you can meditate. It could even be on your bed in your bedroom with candles lit and an inspiring book. Commit to visiting that space a few times a week over the next few months and take note of how it makes you feel.

I’d love to hear about your progress.

Much Love,