On Holiday: The One Menu Item That Motivates Me To Workout Harder


Celebrity Fitness Instructor Johanna May Irwin of Johanna May Pilates in Sydney Australia.


This holiday season, I have found myself in Lennox head, northern NSW.

I’ve been on holiday for four days now,and (so far) it has all been very leisurely.  Days and evenings have consisted of swims, lunches, walks, dinners, and yes, post detox wine; most of my favourite things. The Boxing Day test match has commenced, and that it the only sound that fills the house.

Earlier, as I was working out on the reformer, Peace sat on the couch, drinking a beer. Halfway through my work out his dad sent us a text to let us know that we will be going to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and I was thrilled as that is yet another one of my favourite things.

Being the supportive partner he is, Peace decided that he should read the entire menu out loud for me to give me more motivation to work out.   He only needed to say spanner crab linguini and my workout pace doubled!

The holidays can be an interesting time for most of us and I am so thrilled to have been able to enjoy myself and relax after a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling year.   I hope all of you are enjoying yours as well and getting ready to start a healthy and happy 2015!

Much love,