No Fat Talk In February. Can You Do It?


You may or may not have heard that this month is “Fat Talk Free February” here in Australia.

I have to admit, it’s an interesting idea.

One thing I am always sure to ask my new clients is to express what their goals are.  More often than not, I here the typical answers.  Tighter abs, stronger arms, more flexibility.  These are all positive goals and fantastic to have, but too often they are followed by the pointing out of “tuck shop arms” or “thunder thighs”.

One male client wrote that his goal was “not to be a fat bastard”. Now this is all said in good humor, I’m sure, but if we are speaking candidly, these are nasty and negative things to say about oneself, and the reality is that these words are an expression of that negative energy into the space around you. Your peers,  and even your children are listening to you.

This is something I believe everyone, especially females fall victim to. Growing up as a dancer, I cannot tell you how many times I looked into the mirror and said nasty things to myself. Although , I really didn’t need to as my dance teachers were more than happy to make friendly suggestions about my weight.

This month, I want to ask all of you to please make a conscious effort to squash those negative thoughts about your body image.  Catch yourself when you say something nasty and force yourself to say something positive.  Gently remind those around you of their beauty, strength and other wonderful attributes when you overhear them bashing their bodies.

Be proud of all that you are and work to be kind to your body.  It’s  where you live.

Much Love,