A New Year and a New (Way Of Looking At) You

JoJo water

When we think about our body, most of us think about abs, flab or some other aesthetic we want to eliminate. The focus is often on the negative aspects of the body; feeling out of breath, feeling sore, feeling heavy or flabby or whatever. But what if we looked at exercise as a celebration of movement, of health, of the youthfulness that still exists inside of us, whatever our age? What if we felt the soreness and thought, “wow, that’s proof that I really met the challenge yesterday!” instead of whining about a little tension? What if we rewarded our efforts with activities that celebrated our growth such as weekend trips to the beach where we try surfing for the first time or meeting a new friend to go for a long run before a glorious gossip fest and brunch?

It is my hope that, in 2015, you learn to not only change your body into the healthy, amazing machine it is, but that you appreciate it along the way. The more you do this, the more it will work with you and with mind, heart and body in tune, well, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Much Love,