Motivated By Your Momentum

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Dear Readers:
First, thank you all for all of your well-wishes. I am finally feeling human again.
As the new year is underway, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for making this such an incredible start of the year, and also let you all know how inspired I am by your motivation!

So many of you are signing up and showing up to the classes and it’s really wonderful to see all of you making yourselves a priority. I really hope that you can hold onto the inspiration and initiative you have right now and stick with it throughout the year. I have found that the longer we give to ourselves, the more we will get from ourselves, and before we know it, we feel more connected to the person we are instead of the labels we give ourselves or the image that looks back at us from the mirror.  The wonderful thing about Pilates is that it is a personalised practice that requires individual focus on both the body and breath.  There is a synergy between soul, mind and body that can be truly liberating if you allow yourself to experience it.

We often find ourselves in the midst of life, running from one appointment, obligation (and yes, Happy Hour) to another, and while that can be a lot of fun, it can also lead to the experience of a number of emotional and physical side-effects. Even a week of “fun” can lead one to feel exhausted and a little out-of-sorts, no?  So, today, I want to encourage all of you not only to stay focused in your practice, but to continue your journey of self connection and care by practicing mindfulness outside of the studio. Whether it’s sitting outside in the sun and eating your bowl of organic oatmeal while listening to the natural sounds of the earth or closing your eyes and connecting with the rhythm of your own heart for a few minutes before bed, go “in” as much as you go out.
Your body will reward your efforts.
Much love,