Making The Choice to “Have a Nice Day”.

Dear Readers:
Have a nice day.
A simple sentence and one that hold a lot of meaning (if you allow it to). I was sent this great video the other day and it really changed my attitude for the entire day.  As it happened, I was on my way to a family do, and we all know how that can bring out the stress in anyone. It is so easy to become stressed and overwhelmed by situations, surroundings, and other people, but when it comes to petty situations, I truly believe that stress is a choice.
So, I made a choice to “have a nice day.”
Stress wreaks havoc on your mind and body;  no new information there. To a certain point is a part of life and it can even be positive in some instances (as sometimes we can work better under a little of it). It’s that angry, seething, “everyone is against me”, glass-half-empty stress that isn’t going to get you anywhere. In fact, that can bring about more stress in and of itself. Stress in relationships, on the body, at work…you name it.
So what is the point?
Let it go, take a deep breath, and truly, have a nice day.
Much Love,