Making Changes Three Steps At A Time


Dear Readers:

As you know, I am a big fan of balance and goal setting, but the idea of making grand resolutions never sat well with me (how many of us actually remember what they are from year-to-year anyway?). This year, I opted to break it down and have decided to take on a new physical, social and mental challenge each month as a way to progress. What I love about this is that its flexible and I can customize the challenges to fit my life as I grow instead of pushing myself towards a promise I made to myself in the past.

This month, I am working on the following:

I want to get to a full three-minute plank hold. At the moment am stuck at two.

Have four alcohol-free days per week.

I want to make it for a morning swim before work at least once a week. This sounds easy, but I leave for work very early.

I would love for you all to join me and share your goals for the month of January. I’d love to know your progress as well.

Much Love,