Living Between The Extremes: The Beauty of Balance

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Dear Readers:
We live in a world that loves extremes. From “tough” and “intense” workouts to “serene” getaways, there is plenty for those looking to find something on either side of the scale, but not a lot of respect shown for that lovely in-between where balance takes over and certain meals and days of relaxation are not something to feel “guilty” about.  As much as I love and advocate nutritional food and consistent workouts, I do not adhere to the ideology that living in a black and white state falls under living a “healthy lifestyle”.  Today, I want to share three ways to find more balance.

Play the 5 and 2 game. Try and get at least 40 minutes of movement into your days at least 5 days a week and two for total relaxation. Perhaps this means enjoying a delicious meal and dessert one day and sleeping in and getting a massage another. Try and see every day as a reward for your efforts.  Even having the energy and stamina to get up and make the class and the enjoyment of finishing a great workout is a treat! When you see everything as a bonus, that’s when things get exciting.

Give yourself a boast. Most of us are so used to deflecting compliments and putting ourselves down that we don’t even know how to properly accept an accolade (let alone give one to ourselves).  While I am not advocating that you become a braggart, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a “well done” when you do something well.

Surround yourself with positive influences. We all have reasons to be high and low, but there is a lot to be said for spending time with those who want to see you succeed, feel good about yourself and who do their part to bring some good energy into the situation. No one enjoys being around an energy vampire.

How balanced are you living your life?

Much Love,