Learning To Value Yourself


Dear Readers:

On Tuesday, I spoke a little bit about how to silence the inner critic, and today, I want to take it a bit further and talk about something so many of us struggle with, but rarely admit to one another: Self-value.  Though we don’t speak about it often, the way we feel about ourselves is evident in almost every area of our lives, from the way we treat our bodies and living spaces to one another.  The person who doesn’t smile back or screams at a stranger who dares to step in their path. The man or woman who sits on the couch eating chips night-after-night instead of valuing their health enough to get up and moving.

When we really believe that we are “worth” it, our lives serve as a showcase for self-respect and preservation. Exercise becomes less about making a body beautiful (or “acceptable” in a bikini) and more about celebrating the experience of movement and enjoying our “machine” to its full capacity.  When we do this, we end up not only looking better, but feeling better, and when we feel good, we behave differently.  We tend to be calmer, sleep better, smile more often and engage those around us with much more patience and joy than when living in a space of self-denial.

Today, I want to ask you to really look around your life and take inventory, so to speak. How do you treat yourself, your things, your partner,friends, family and colleagues? If someone were looking from the outside in, what would your actions tell them about you. You might find that there is room for more self care, or you may even walk away a bit proud of how far you have come.

Remember that the best way to build a better life is to take that first step and into a new direction. A body in motion stays in motion, so just keep moving forward.

Much Love,