Learning To Love From The Inside Out


Dear Readers:

As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, a lot of people are thinking about the love (or lack of love) in their romantic lives.

While V-Day isn’t as popular here in Oz as it is in places like America, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about the importance of showing love, not only to others, but to ourselves. I know, it sounds a little corny, but think about it; we cannot teach another how to fish if we do not know ourselves. When we take the time to really get to know and love ourselves, our lives begin to blossom in ways we never thought possible. Our relationships change, our workouts change, our bodies change–and not just in terms of what they look like.

We begin to actually feel the love inside of us.

When we love someone, we care for them as we would our dearest family members and friends.  We protect ourselves, forgive ourselves, trust ourselves and truly nurture ourselves.  As a result we find that those tense muscles begin to loosen, the short stressful gasps are replaced with deep, healing breaths and the fatigue-filled mornings make way for a renewed spirit that looks forward to seizing the day. Whether it be a diet, ending an unhealthy friendship or going after a tough fitness goal, positive change is so much easier when we feel we are worth the efforts, sacrifices and rewards that will follow the actions that can sometimes seem too scary to take.

This week, I want all of you to really think about the ways you treat and talk to yourselves. Think about the space you allow (or even force) yourself to live in.  If you were to treat someone else the way you treat yourself, how do you think they would feel about you?

Much love,