Keep Your Holiday Vibe Going Well Into The New Year.


Dear Readers:

Happy 2016! I had a fabulous trip to Indonesia over the Christmas period; it was tropical, decadent, relaxing and lush. All the things you would want in a holiday. It goes without saying that returning home often feels like a slap in the face. The washing needs to be done, you have to cook for yourself and no one is coming into your room to make the bed for you. That said, there is still a way to keep those holiday vibes going (and I feel it is important to!)

Don’t let last year’s stress carry on into the new year. Here are my five tips to keep your blissful holiday vibes flowing into 2016.

Keep the adventure going. Go somewhere new (it doesn’t have to be far). Explore a new part of your city, go to a new beach, do that walk you’ve always wanted to do or take a day trip to the country. A getaway is always going to be good for the mind, and soul.

Lesson your “big nights out”. By now I’m sure your body has had enough. I know those long summer nights have been calling you, but think of those long summer days too. If your nights out have been particularly adventurous, give yourself a drink maximum or a time you would like to wake up the next morning. Having that plan for tomorrow will help you to make the right decisions for you and your body that night.

Keep on moving. Try and maintain some version of your exercise regime. This is going to lessen the shock once you get back into your regular routine. If you’re going for a swim, make an effort to tread water for a few minutes. Walk or ride your bike to your friend’s house, and leave your car at home. Baby steps count too, and you can enjoy the summer sunshine at the same time.

Plan your next vacation. Whilst you still remember how great a time you just had, book your next adventure. That way you have something wonderful to look forward to and work towards. This will help with that mid-year slump we all feel, when we work to hard with very little play.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t waste a beautiful day getting the laundry done or cleaning your house. As long as you have a fresh pair of undies on, and you’ve taken out the rubbish, nothing else really matters. Go out and enjoy your day.

Much Love,