Is That Time Of The Month Cramping Your Style?



Dear Readers:

It’s not something everyone feels comfortable talking about, but every 28 days can leave most women wanting to crawl up into a ball and stay there. As doing so is hardly conducive to the active and full lives we lead, we have to find a way through the discomfort–however painful your period.

Though you may swear you don’t want to move anywhere, any way, the truth is that exercises like Pilates release endorphins which can not only keep your mood up, but also ease painful cramps due to their pain relieving capabilities.  As Pilates requires proper breathing and core stabilization, practicing during this time is helpful in staying connected to the body, balancing the mind and aligning the spine.

Other natural ways to ease painful cramps:

-Heating pads release muscle tension.

-Calcium also reduces cramping.

– Have an orgasm (seriously).

-Add ginger or cinnamon to your tea or hot water.

-Drink loads of water. I know, water-weight stinks, but drinking water actually helps to relieve bloat.

What are some of your natural remedies? Have you used Pilates to combat cramps?

Much Love,