Intimidated By Pilates? Three Things To Know


You Think: The equipment Looks Like Medieval Torture Devices, Or a Scene Out of Fifty Shades of Gray.

OK, I will admit that if you have never seen the equipment before, it can be intimidating. But, as with anything, knowledge is power. Once you get a solid overview and understanding of the mechanics behind each design (which a good instructor will share with you) you will see that the equipment is not there to bring harm (or kink), but there to support and challenge your body. You will then extend and bend into places you didn’t think you could go.

You Think: Why Does My Teacher Keep Poking and Prodding Me?

Many moons ago, I had a client who was an old golfing friend of my dad’s. Dad came into the studio to have a session, only to see me touching his mate Rodger’s arse. The horrified look on his face will forever be etched into my mind.  The bottom line:Your instructor will often use hands on cues to get the muscles activating at the right time. As it can be quite hard to juggling all the mental cues in your head, your instructor’s hand are there to help guide the way.

You Think: It Is Quite Personal.

Even before you get moving, the initial questionnaire is pretty full-on. Asking about digestive issues, current exercise routine (note: most people lie in this section) and birthing processes.  I recently had a client’s husband come in for his assessment the other day. He was very curious about the women’s-only section. He was specifically interested in a question relating to incontinence,  which he did not understand. While it might be difficult to share certain items, the more open and honest you are, the more your instructor will know about you and your body —and the the more you are going to benefit from your sessions. 
Were you intimidated in your initial sessions? If so, share your best advice for newbies below!