I Dare You To: Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier This Week

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Dear Readers:

Be honest.  How many of you morning practitioners jump out of bed and run straight to class without taking some time to really “wake up” before starting your workout?  Going further, how many of all of you reading this wake up, jump into the shower and run off to work, coffee in hand, without so much as stopping to even think about where you’re going?

While we may think getting up and going is a good thing, the truth is that the body needs time to move from rest to action and when we don’t allow for morning stretches and movement before we pound the pavement or practice Pilates, we deny its natural right of transition.

As I mentioned in Tuesday’s blog, our bodies swell during sleep and this alone requires time to decrease.  Take into account the need to wake up naturally (instead of simply having an artificial, caffeinated jolt) and it becomes clear that those extra 30 minutes of sleep can actually work against us.

And so today, I want to give my first dare.  I dare all of you to set the alarm earlier and wake up 30 min earlier and really allow yourself to start the morning with gentle movement.  Stretch, hydrate and set your intention for the day.  Do this for the next seven days and tell me how you feel.

Are you in?

Much Love,