I Dare You: To Exude Body Confidence (Even If You’re Not Confident…Yet)

Dear Readers:

I cannot believe that March is winding down already! I feel like it was only yesterday that we started this series (which has been a lot of fun, by the way). Be warned: my last “dare” is going to require you to step out of your comfort zone and learn to slip comfortably into your own skin.

I’d gather there isn’t a one among us who is 100% happy with their body head-to-toe. Who doesn’t want a different haircolor/nose/ab/thigh/whatever? That’s a part of life, it seems. When these thoughts are fleeting, it’s manageable, but how many of us allow these thoughts to impact the way we act, react, dress and even what we do? How many wonderful beach days are avoided because of the fear of being seen in a swimsuit? How many sundresses stay on the hanger because the critic in our head says we don’t look as amazing as we do?

This week, I want to dare all of you to push yourselves to exude some serious body confidence. Be courageous enough to say, “I don’t care who judges me” and flaunt what your mama gave you–without allowing yourself to be bullied by your own thoughts. When you find yourself shying away from doing something you really want to do (be it indulge in a delicious cupcake and glass of champagne or sport a sassy crop-top) go to the mirror and remind yourself that the person looking back at you is truly beautiful and has looked at themselves too closely for too long and has somehow talked themselves into believing that they are defined by a perceived flaw.

As nobody is perfect, no body is, but there is a real beauty in seeing the beauty of the whole person you are instead of just your parts.

Much Love,