I Dare You: To Drink Hot Lemon Water (Daily) For A Week


Dear Readers:

On Tuesday, I talked a bit about the link between your morning cuppa and endurance. Today, I want to share the reasoning behind this weeks dare.  Now, before the backlash, hear me out; this isn’t a suggestion to make a switch (though, that might work out nicely for us all in the long run). I want all of you to enjoy your normal morning routines, but with the addition of at least one hot cup of water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.

Lemons are known for providing an excellent source of vitamin C (which is great for helping warding off sickness), but what you may not know is that it offers numerous benefits to the body from the colon and maintaining pH levels to aiding in digestion and reducing inflammation and pain in the joints.

Here are a few reasons to squeeze and sip:

A significant source of potassium (and much less sugar than a banana), lemons offer nourishment to the brain and nerve cells.

It sounds counterintuitive, but lemon juice can help cure heartburn.

Lemons are know to balance calcium and oxygen levels in the liver.

Drinking lemon water each day can lead to better skin as the fruit helps to clear acne.

The vitamin C in lemons are known to help prevent the wrinkles.

Drinking lemon water post-workout will help bring the body salts back into balance.

I’m looking forward to seeing how all of you feel next week.

Much Love,