How About Talking Yourself INTO Happiness (Instead of Out of It)



Dear Readers:

How cold is it?

I get that there are different seasons for a reason (and all have their benefits, pro’s and con’s) but for some reason, winter just chooses to be a bully sometimes; especially on those chilly, dark mornings when the covers are oh-so-heavely and the allure of a soft bed seduces and tempts you in such a manner that you have to fight the good fight to get up, have that cup of hot water with lemon/tea/coffee and head out to wherever it is you know you need to go but really don’t want to all that much.  As a fitness professional, I know that, when it comes to these moments, I am in the less desirable portion of a love-hate relationship.

Recently, a client asked me if I would be able to motivate myself to practice if my job did not depend on it. The truth is, I think I would, but instructors are human, too; we have those wine or water, instagram or bed, pilates or pillow battles as often as anyone else. That said, the idea that I chose this to be my profession and have such a passion for helping others stay motivated and focused on their goals indicates (to me, at least) that I have a drive to do this. Does this mean I would never lack discipline? Hardly. It does mean that I would work harder to talk myself into it though.

Therein lies the point of today’s blog.

We live in a world that loves to tell themselves and one another all of the many reasons not to try or do something. The fear of failure/risk/rejection/discomfort can be so heavy that it keeps us in a comfortable discomfort, so to speak. Yes, in that moment, the pillow and blanket seem like the luxury, but three weeks of doing this and you’re spending your waking hours feeling less than your best and likely looking into the mirror and feeling that maybe things are looking a little differently. Then what?  The whole point of true happiness is finding out what your long-term goals are and what will make you happy overall, not just in the moment. Sometimes–many times–those two things are not synergistic. So, if we start talking ourselves into our dreams and goals instead of out of them, what might happen?

How might it feel to stop and allow your best self to say, “Ah, here’s the hurdle. I am going to convince that devil on my shoulder to do it my way.”

You never know, you may start seeing that brisk run to your car as your first challenge of the day and feel really great when you overcome it.

Much Love,