Five Healthy Habits That Work For Everyone

Dear Readers:
I cannot believe that it is almost April.  I feel like summer completely flew by (but what a lovely summer it has been).  As we move into the new month, I want to shift the focus onto health from the inside out. This month, I will be sharing some of my favorite “Healthy Habits” and challenging you to indulge in (and share your own).
Very recently, I was asked to share the five one-size-fits-all healthy habits I “swear by”. After a bit of thinking, here they are:
Eat Your Greens
I know, I know. It’s not always exciting to choose the salad over the delicious beachside burger and chips combo, but as with  everything else in life, balance is key.  Our body responds to what we put into it; eat well and your body will thank you in ways you can see (skin) and feel (digestion).  Eat poorly and you’ll share in its punishment.  The rule I like to stick to is to always have one side of greens each day.
There is a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. The body simply does not function well when its deprived of sleep, most especially over a long period of time. Sleep is needed to maintain a healthy weight, keep the immune system supported, balance mood swings, and maintain healthy glowing skin. If you are not getting at least seven hours a night, make this this a priority. It’s an easy adjustment to make for a much happier and productive life.
Have  you ever seen a dry sponge? That’s a perfect example of a dehydrated body.  Drink more water; simple and easy. Water will help plump skin, flush out toxins, keep energy levels elevated and even help to sleep better as dehydration is known to cause insomnia (and dark circles)! I find that if you have a drink bottle with you,it’s easier to drink more water. Find a small bottle that can fit in your handbag or leave water in your car.
Treat Yourself
Having a little you time should not be seen as indulgent; it’s a must. Go and get a massage, take a class, get a pedicure; everyone needs some pampering.
Go Outside
Aside from the fact that many people are now suffering Vitamin D deficiencies (which can seriously impact mood and stress levels), everyone needs to spend a portion of their day outside. Having the sun on your skin and the grass between your toes is a de-stresser, and its free! Go outside and enjoy the space you live in.
Today, I want you all to think about the last time you did all four of these in one day. If it’s been a while, I would like to challenge you all to do all of them every single day for a week. Let me know how you feel afterwards, I would love to know!
Much Love,