Fit Friend Dates: Why More Friends Are Partying at the Barre


Dear Readers:

From organic juices as mixers to clubs that focus on fitness, the gap between working out and hanging out is closing and as a fitness professional who loves to have a good time, I couldn’t be happier. It’s not uncommon to see friends come into class together before their post-barre cocktails or healthy brunch. It’s exciting to see people embracing a healthy lifestyle instead of feeling they need to compartmentalize moments into “healthy”, “unhealthy” and include the words “cheat” and “bad” into descriptions of their choices.

More so, it’s great to see people sharing healthy habits and active moments with one another. Studies have shown that working out with a workout buddy will not only help to stay motivated, but working out also releases serotonin and feel good endorphins which can boost moods, lower cortisol levels, eliminate stress and bring about better concentration and sleep.

What a great gift to share with someone you care about.

Are you a fan of fit friend dates?

Much Love,