Do You Feel Guilty For Taking A Little “You” Time? You’re Not Alone.


Dear Readers:

As a fitness professional, it goes without saying that working out is a part of my life’s work (I know, I just said it anyway).  This means that I tend to “feel guilty” when I’m not at the studio. However, for a lot of my clients, that hour of training can bring about a sense of guilt when they are.  They start to head over and begin to think of all of the things they need to do, and the people they need/want to do things for and wonder if they “deserve” to go.

It’s an interesting thing; we will often go to the ends of the earth to help our loved ones feel comfortable, safe, heathy, loved and cared for, but when it comes to taking care of us, well, we label it “selfish” or “self indulgent”.

A few hours a week tending to our own body, mind and soul is looked at as something that can be compromised.  In reality, these moments are the fuel that will make us stronger and more balanced in the other areas of our lives.

Today, I want you all to really think about how you view your “me time”. Is it a luxury that you feel you must earn or is it a necessity you know you not only deserve, but need?

Much Love,