Eat Clean, Yes, But Drink Clean? The Questionable Benefits of Juice Cocktails

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Dear Readers:

If there is one thing I know, it’s that Australians know how to enjoy a cocktail. But while a fun way to relax and socialize, the truth is that drinking can do a number on a health and wellness routine. While some drinks are better for us than others (red wine has proven benefits), the truth is, most of us enjoy our sugar-infused mulled wines, vodka cocktails, cold beers and warm-us-up scotches, and you know what? That’s OK.

It was with this in mind that a U.S. company based in The Hampton’s (a more affluent area in New York) came up with the idea of Clean Drinking. The company has put out fresh-pressed fruit and veggie-based juices that can be mixed with your vodka or tequila of choice in an attempt to create a healthier cocktail. There are even post-drinking cleanses to help with those horrid hangovers (but are they as good as Berocca? That is to be determined). While the juices are not yet available outside of New York, the buzz has begun and I began thinking about the concept of juice-based cocktails. How beneficial are they really?

As a fitness professional, I appreciate the push for better health, but I question anything that looks too gimmicky or obsessive and I am on the fence with this one. I don’t know too many people who would want to juice kale or a carrot while toasting their friends, and I worry this misses the point a bit. A healthy life includes fruits and veggies, but is also about balance, and from a health standpoint, isn’t it the same as having your juice in the morning and your dirty martini at night? I personally think it might be better to keep them separate. I am not sure about the alcohol’s impact on the absorption of nutrients, but I do worry that some people will use the juices as a meal replacement which will lead to a higher chance of intoxication.

Today, I would like to hear your thoughts. Do you think these types of drinks are a great way to stay health(ier) or are they too gimmicky for your liking? Have you ever trued a green juice cocktail?

Share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Much Love,