Detox Diary: Was It Worth It?


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Dear Readers:

It’s week four, and somehow, I am finding this easier than it’s been. I am not going to say I don’t enjoy having a nice, cold glass of wine, because that would be a straight lie, but I am definitely seeing the benefits of sipping less and that’s been enough to keep me (somewhat) on-track. Read below for this weeks diary.


Monday #22

This intense humidity is helping me to find all sources of water. I swam in the ocean, drank obscene amounts of water, tea, and even enjoyed some ice blocks. O.K.,  the last one doesn’t really count, but it was tasty.


Tuesday #23

I think I am looking slimmer. As I don’t own a scale, I don’t actually know if I have lost weight, but I am definitely feeling good. The combination of not drinking, and teaching Booty Barre classes seems to be a winning combination.


Wednesday #24

I had a lovely dinner with my partner, Peace, this evening. That was until Peace had wrapped my grandmother’s crystal wine glass in a brown paper bag (so that I could not see that he was drinking my wine).  If I can’t see it, its not there, right? Traitor!


Thursday #25

Booty Barre Thursday, baby. No desire for a wine-down today.


Friday #26

This is my last weekend and I am craving a glass of wine already. Thus I have purchased copious amountst of mineral water and limes.


Saturday #27

After about 12 glasses of cucumber water, I did it. I gave into my greatest desire: a cold glass of grey wacky. My favourite! No judgements as I only had the one glass, and I drank it very slowly. Appreciation is the key.


Sunday# 28th

I am extending this detox until Saturday to make up for my previous sins.  I really do think I can (at the very least) stick to the no alcohol during the week, especially since opening my own business.

So, Was It Worth It?

In a word, yes.  With the added stress levels, just taking a bit of time out for me and my body has been great.  Over the last months, I have had a few friends ask me why I went on a detox. It seemed as though weight loss was the main presumption, but this was not even in my train of thought (honestly).

I feel more efficient with time, my ideas are clearer, my sleep patterns have improved, my skin is fresh, bloating is minimal and my general mood is stable (though some may say otherwise).  I feel very calm which is great especially in these days  leading up to christmas where things can get hectic in the most fantastic of ways. The truth is that I feel good for taking this break for myself.

What do you think of the idea of a detox? Think you could do it?