Detox Diary: The Beauty In Sobriety

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Dear Readers:

Well, we are in the third week and let’s be honest; this non-drinking thing has been way more challenging than I anticipated. That said, it has also been a bit more rewarding as I am learning a lot about myself (good and bad).  The good is that I am realizing that I have quite a bit of determination to whip this challenge! The bad? Well, not every week is met with this kind of rock solid motivation. As promised, here is my detox diary for the past week.

 Day #15

I can now report that I am finally seeing the physical benefits of not drinking. The ever-present bloating has all but disappeared, and good thing, too, as today is the first day of my monthly cycle (I know,TMI, but it’s true). Normally, I would look about three months along by now ( and in a loose-fitting top, no less). But I am in my tights and a singlet and feeling great. Vanity prevails.


Day #16

Full disclosure: I have never drunk more mineral water in my life. There must be something about the attraction I have to the bubbles that keeps my drinking voice at bay. It’s not quite champagne, but it’s working for the cause. I am also sleeping really well; undisturbed, in fact, aside from this horrid humidity.


Day #17

I will not eat all of the ice cream.

I will not eat all of the ice cream.  

I will not eat all the ice cream.

OK, I just ate some.

This sugar craving is unbelievable.




Day #18

Forgive me for this, but I woke up and noticed that  my hair and skin are looking fabulous lately. I’m having to wash my hair every third day instead of every second (time saving detox bonus). My skin is looking much more clear and even-toned. In fact, the only makeup I have been wearing out is my new favourite lippy. Everything else is naked.


Day #19

You’re not going to believe this, but I went to a friends birthday party at a bar and sipped on… water. Willpower is definitely in control this week. I think seeing some tangible benefits is making me more motivated to stay strong.


Day #20 #21

Ready, kids?  We’ve had ourself a Booze-free weekend! A glass of bubbles was put down in front of me (thanks, dad) and I actually resisted. The slight head cold I got from one of my clients could have helped with that reaction, but I’ll say it was total will power ;). My sleep pattern has also vastly improved. I was well and truly asleep by 9:15 last night. I feel like I have broken my drinking pattern which,  in the end, was the whole point of this exercise; to adjust from habit to desire. Looking and feeling good really is a great incentive for me, as vain as that may sound.

Virtual toast!