Detox Blog: Wine: 1; Detox: 0

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Dear Readers,

So, as you know, I told myself that I would go 30 days sans alcohol. Apparently, I told myself a slight white lie (about white wine). The good news is that I am going longer without it than ever before. The bad news is that I still haven’t gone a full week…yet. Read below for the weekly round-up (no judgements).


Day #8

Monday is a great day for me. As I only teach a half day, I actually have the place to myself on the evenings. This usually involves a tub, a trashy TV show and a glass of wine. I’m doing all of that minus the wine. Starting the week off fresh feels good and I am feeling motivated!


Day #9

I went out to dinner with friends, all of them intent on knocking back a few during the meal. I am pleased to report that I had no real desire to join in. Could it possibly have been the $5 bottle of “chilled red” wine that turned me right off? Perhaps. I also found out that half of the dinner party guests were restricted to their bed and feeling horrible for most of the next day. There may just be something yet to this non drinking thing…


Day #10

Ah, The vicious Hump Day desire. So far so good (although it is only 9.30am).  I feel like this process is getting easier. I even booked a private Pilates class for myself to help keep my focus. Feeling good!

Update: I went out to dinner this evening and am sitting here, at a bar, with no desire to drink…yet.


Day #12

Ok, the jig is up. I want a glass of wine. In fact, I would love one. I am, however, getting into the whole not drinking during the week”. I feel like that is a healthy habit to continue. Having a glass of wine is like a treat for me. I’m missing my treat. No, seriously, I want my treat.


Day #13

So, as you probably guessed based on the last diary entry, I slipped once again. I went away to my parents holiday house and had  a nice cold glass of white wine placed in front of me. What can I say? I caved. I did, however, last two days longer this week round! That counts for something, right? As I am aiming for 30 days with no booze, i might be adding a few extra days onto this detox.


How do you feel about my progress? Are any of you keen to do this with me?