Carving Out The “Perfect” Day

I was recently asked what my idea of a productive day was and I responded that it would be one that was finely balanced. I then realized that “balanced” means different things to different people, so today I thought I might share my idea of what it might look like.


A morning pause

On a perfect morning, I would wake up refreshed, enjoy a morning stretch and be able to sit in my back garden and take in a few rays and the smells and sounds of nature whilst enjoying my green juice or smoothie bowl. No cell phone, no emails, no conversation. Just a moment to relax and set my intentions for the day. If I am having a heavenly day, I’ll add a swim in the ocean here.

A power shower

For me, there is nothing better than a hot shower with a great oil burning. Aromatherapy in the morning feels like a spa-worthy luxury and the right smell (grapefruit or eucalyptus) can really brighten up your day.

A great workout outfit

Something fashionable, flexible and comfortable always makes me feel a little more confident in class.

A dedicated class

Is there anything better than showing up ready to give your best and have a blast? Yes. When you’re showing up for a class there to do the same.

A few moments outside

Can you tell I love the outdoors and sunshine? Though the days are cooler now, there is nothing better than an afternoon re-set with the warm rays of the sun on your face.

A happy connection

Perhaps it’s meeting up with a friend for a coffee or my partner for dinner and wine, but the best way to close down a productive day is meeting to share it with someone you love.

A relaxing close

Yes, there is TV, but what about a long bath with a glass of tea or wine and a good book followed by your most comfortable jammies in a cosy blanket.
Much Love,