Bulimia As Yoga? No.


Dear Readers:

By now, some of you may have heard about the article published in Yoga Magazine by Yogi Dr. Malik, who gave a play-by-play detailed account of bulimia under the pretense that the practice of Vyaghrasana (aka “the Tiger”) will work to tone abs.

The practice? Drinking tons of water and purging.

In his five-step plan, Malik suggests the following,  “Now drink at least three glasses of water even if you feel full. Push the fingers down the throat and vomit. Repeat this process until you are only vomiting water with no traces of leftover food.” The theory is that the practice will not only relieve the body of food and water but strengthen the abdomen. Of course, it will also tear apart the esophagus, soak your teeth in enamel-disintegrating acid, and most importantly purge all of the nutrients out of your body while promoting bulimia.

As a health practitioner, I am deeply concerned by this. Not only do we live in a world where millions of young men and women are literally killing themselves to be thin, but to have a “Doctor”support this is beyond me. Whether it is an ancient practice is not clear, but we live in the 21st century where we know throwing up is not the way to good health.

I want to make it clear that this is not common practice of yogis and nor is it promoted by the wider yoga community. As in everything in life, there is always one person to take it to the extreme, and in this case, it’s dangerous.

Please be wise enough to disregard this kind of salacious and ignorant information and to love yourself and one another to promote self love and respect for one’s body internally as well as externally.

Much Love,