Booty Duty: Sending The Boys To The Barre


Dear Readers:

While out and about one evening, a few male friends were quite complimentary of the backsides of my female friends. Now, I naturally took all of the credit for their derriers as I imagined writing my signature across their bottoms. As the night progressed, one friend in particular seemed very interested in getting his girlfriend into the bootybarre class at J.M.P. I made the casual suggestion that he should come in and try and barre class first. I wanted him to know how hard my friends and clients work during their sessions. I mean, let’s face it; as nice as it is for them to be appreciating their (and my) hard work, I really just wanted to make him suffer a little, and see how challenging bootybarre is.Fast forward to Thursday night when six male friends enjoyed a special bootybarre class created just for them. Boy, did they sweat.

When you first heard the words “Booty Barre” what went through your mind?

Peace: A big, yet firm female ass.

Toby C: Lots of leg work

Alasdair: Twerking.

Mitch: Some sweet booty workout!

Toby H: This sounds strenuous.

Ryan: A whole heap of lady’s working on their booty’s.



What were your initial thoughts when the class started?

Peace: This could be embarrassing.

Toby C: It seemed a little strange at first, doing squats in front of a mirror with other guys.

Alasdair: This is really going to test out my legs.

Mitch: Oh, shit!

Toby H: Can I do the moves?

Ryan: I thought it was going to be easier.



What do you think was the greatest challenge you faced in the class?

Peace: Timing and coordination.

Toby C: Being able to keep up with the instructor during all the squats.

What do you think  was the greatest challenge you faced in the class?

Mitch: Doing exercises that I haven’t done before, working new areas of the body

Toby H: Am I going to make it?

Ryan: Biggest challenge was some of the long leg holds but I could feel it doing some manic for my booty.



What was the biggest surprise?

Peace: The sweat and pain!

Toby C: The deep burn felt on the arm exercises even though we were only using light weights.

Alasdair: The difficulty with the upper body movements, especially considering how light the weights were in that part of the class.

Mitch: How much fun it was!

Toby H: That was fun!

Ryan: Biggest surprise was how good our instructor was, she was full of energy and inspiration!


What would you say you enjoyed most?

Peace: The workout and laughter with mates.

Toby C:  The core exercises.

Alasdair:  Trying to control your body through difficult movements. I’m used to just trying to lift heavy weights – oftentimes this results in a lack of controlled movement as you’re straining to push yourself right at the top end. Slow, controlled but difficult movements offer something different to that. Something that I’m sure is very helpful for sport.

Mitch: The booty-shaking at the barre.

Toby H: The pack mentality.

Ryan: I enjoyed the whole class; it was very very funny with us boys.



How did you feel post class? The next day?

Peace: Hot and sweaty, mainly sore legs the next day.

Toby C:  My legs were sore due to also going for a bicycle ride that day. The next day was fine.

Alasdair: Felt great afterwards, limber. Next day felt very small amount of hamstring and hip tightness.

Mitch: Smoked and smoked; my ass was sore for days

Toby H: Sore hammies!

Ryan:  I felt great after the class and the next  day, it was a good exercise.


What would be your best piece of advice for other guys who want to give it a try?

Peace: Bring a mate (an open minded one) and wear underwear.

Toby C: It’s great if you want to tone your legs/ass area.

Alasdair: Take a towel, I sweated all over your lovely polished floor.

Mitch: Let loose and have fun.

Toby H: Go for it; it’s fun!

Ryan: Definitely give it a go, it works on muscles I didn’t know I had, and my booty definitely already feels a bit firmer now I think.


Lastly, is there anything I could do to make the class more enticing to men?

Peace: Maybe a workout playlist for men; ease up on Beyonce.  Oh, and definitely post beer’s.

Toby C: Have more girls in them!

Alasdair:  You could have Maddy do the classes with them, that will most certainly entice more men along.

Mitch: Just the way it was Jo; it was fun and easy going and a great workout!

Toby H: Cucumber water.