At The Barre With Clare Fitzpatrick


Dear Readers:

Last week, you met my “Barre Star” Madi and today, I would like to introduce you to the amazing Clare Fitzpatrick.  Incredible, inspiring and truly dedicated she makes my job both rewarding and fun. Today, she shares her reasons for sticking with the programme.

Why do you choose bootybarre as your form of exercise? I get an all over body workout, its fun and I’ve seen the results.

How did you feel when you first walked into a barre class? What were you expecting? Where you intimidated, or excited? God, the first time I walked into a Booty class I was pretty nervous and intimidated. I’d always been told I wasn’t good at sport or exercise so I had pretty low expectations for myself. After my first class I was hooked.

Did you have any Pilates dance or yoga experience before stepping into class? I’d tried a little bit of yoga here and there over the years but had never really taken to it.

What are the biggest changes you can see or feel about your body since starting bootybarre? My posture has improved and I now know how to hold myself. I have a fairly physical job so Booty has helped me move better and safer on a daily basis.

What is the most challenging part of the class for you? I’m sure everyone will say that it is getting there on time, however I’d say it would be being present. So often during class I find my head somewhere else and I need to bring myself back into the physical moment. Having to work on so many muscles at once helps me keep focused.


What is your favourite part of the class? I love the ab section! Plus, nothing inspires me more than being surrounded by other strong women and I see that every time.

How has bootybarre changed your relationship with your body? It’s proven to me that my body is capable of much more than I think it is. I tend to push myself further and I have a new found respect my body.
Are there personal physical goals you are wanting to achieve? How is bootybarre helping you get to that place? That peach butt. Need I say more?

What motivates you to show up to class every week? Knowing how great I feel during and after the class. Nothing like some healthy endorphin’s to keep you motivated… and of course my girl Jojo.

Would you recommend a bootybarre class to anyone else?  Heck yes! I recommend Booty Barre at least once a week.

Thank you so much, Clare!

Much Love,