Agile At 90: The Long-Term Benefits of Pilates

unnamed-53Dear Readers:

As a fitness practitioner, one of the most frustrating correlations is that of exercise and aesthetics.  Yes, fitness will help a body look more fit, toned and lean, but there many important factors to take into account when deciding to exercise. Not only will you likely slim down, but you’ll also improve your overall health from the way you sleep to the way you’ll move around in the winter of your life.

What you do today will make or break you later–quite literally when you think about things like bone density and flexibility.  Today, I want to share a few long-term benefits of Pilates while offering a virtual lemon-water toast to all of you who value yourselves enough to get up and move in some way every day. You may not realize the investments you’re making now, but 90-year-old you will appreciate your efforts!
Bone Density: We know resistance training and weights will build a stronger muscle, but bone is also dynamic tissue and responds to these exercises in a similar fashion. With every practice you’re fortifying your bones.

Back Strength: According to a study published in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Pilates has been proven to help to alleviate lower-back pain. Subjects found relief after 4 weeks into a 12-month programme. This is no small notation when it has been reported that 3 million Australians suffer from chronic back pain and over 70% will experience it in their lives.

Body Fluidity & Protection: Pilates strengthens the core, improves balance and increases flexibility which allows for more synergistic, aligned movements. A Bonus: because practitioners are so in-tune with their bodies, they are more aware of what it feels like when something feels “off.

Lowered Anxiety: Pilates focuses on deep, meaningful breaths which lower blood pressure and help to decrease stress and anxiety, both of which increase the production of cortisol which is directly linked to insomnia, muscle weakness, and yes, belly fat.

Aside from aesthetics, why do you workout?

Much Love,