Accountability Time! How Did We Do On Our March Goals?


Dear Readers:

Is it just me or is the year flying by?

I’m loving having these little goals to use as check in’s and to make sure I am not just passing moments, but actually making the most of them. So, here are the check-in’s.

Coffee. My intention was to have less and I most definitely did–until I went to my partner’s parents place. There were lot’s of raw chocolate mochas being made over the long Easter weekend and they were delicious!

More me time. This one was a must. I had been powering through this year without a moment to breath. I am lucky enough to have a coastal hideaway to escape to, and Idid just that. It was a lovely weekend of sleeping in, beach walks and home cooked meals.

Adventure day. I didn’t manage to take myself on an adventure day. But I did go away for the long weekend, so perhaps it worked out better! I also booked an adventure weekend which will take me to the blue mountains. Lots of hikes and exploring, so more things to kick off the list.

Now for this month’s goals:

Self Mastery. As I work as a soul trader, sometimes it is easy to get in a solo mental groove. I, along with some amazing Pilates instructors I have known a long time have created a little collective. We get together to share ideas, ask questions and expand our craft. My brain is ready for some Pilates inspiration!

Hydrate. I find myself drinking tons of water whilst at work, but once I’m home, I completely forget to hydrate. I have started making mint and cucumber water and love it! I personally need to experiment on other combinations to keep my taste buds interested.

Ride my bike. I know I have had this one on my list already, but it is a task I neglected due to Sydney’s heat wave. That wave is sadly over which means that it is time to get back on the bike.

Tell me about your goals and check-in’s. How are you doing?

Much Love,