8 Favourite Non-Dairy Treats (That Taste Delicious!)

Dear Readers:
As I have previously mentioned, I have had a lifetime of digestive issues. After many years of being misdiagnosed as having IBS and coeliac disease, I was finally (correctly) diagnosed as being lactose intolerant. When I was gluten free nearly eight years ago, it was not nearly as easy as it is now to find palatable and affordable options. The options were stark and dense, to say the least. From experience, it is way easier to be lactose intolerant than gluten intolerant, but I still cant order a bloody pizza though!
Food allergies are on the rise world wide. As concerning as this is, it’s also positive in that I really think it has brought us back to basic cooking. We are really looking into the ingredients that are in our food and the response our body has to the different ingredients.  Now, I don’t endorse people cutting out full food groups just because it is on trend. However, if you want to try some dairy-free options, and be nice to your belly, here are 8 of my favourites.
 CoYo- CoYo is made from organic ingredients and is very versatile. I use it in salad dressings, smoothies, desserts or just plain from the bowl.
Rebel Kitchen- Rebel Kitchen is a coconut milk based drink; my favourite is the coffee. This drink has nothing but goodness in it.  All organic, no additives, vegan, paleo, gluten free, nut free and soy free. Are you eyes rolling yet?
CoCoWhip-My favourite dessert on a hot day is cocowhip. CoCoWhip is essentially coconut soft serve.  It’s light, delicious, moorish and harmless.
Dobbys Donuts- These donuts are definitely a treat and not a daily staple. They are vegan donuts and they are delicious. They don’t taste like your eating a healthy dessert. They taste like delicious down-and- dirty tasty treats.
Cobs organic popcorn. I love popcorn;it’s my favourite snack. I make it all the time at home, but Cobs makes the best on -the0- go popcorn. I purchase cobs popcorn at least once a week (in multiple packets)
​Inside out, coconut milk-There are many options for coconut milk on the shelf these days but you really want the fresh stuff from the fridge. If the use by dates has months on it, then there is definitely some nasties added in there. Inside out coconut milk is my favourite. ​It is 100% natural and cold pressed.
Pana Chocolate. Pana Chocolate is made from raw cocoa. It is beautifully creamy, organic, and guilt free. My favourite is the peppermint.
​Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars Basically these bars are the lazy person’ s answer to bliss balls. I have a stack of these in the fridge at work for those days when i’m on the go. Again, my favourite flavour is the cocao mint. I may be obsessed.
What are some of your favourite non-dairy treats?
Much Love,

This is not a sponsored post. I just really love these products.