7 (of a Million) Reasons Coconut Oil Is Everything



Dear Readers:

There are few things in this world as beloved as coconut oil. OK, perhaps that’s not true, but I am so in love with it that I am pretty sure it dropped from the heavens. Known for the amazing health benefits (oh, those energy-boosting triclycerides), there’s more to the oil than using as an alternative oil for cooking or an occasional hair mask. In fact, I recently learned firsthand that gargling and swallowing the oil will cure a sore throat (good to know) and a a recent visit to a massage therapist showed me how amazing your body can feel after traditional oils are swapped out with that from a coconut.

Whiten Teeth. Christie Brinkley swears by the whitening properties of the oil and many people use it to get rid of (and prevent) bad breath.

Shave with it. Not only is it a great post-shower lotion, it’s a fantastic way to moisturize skin while in the shower and provides a smooth base for shaving. Less nicks and cuts (and ingrown’s too).

Make a great foot scrub. Mix epsom salt and coconut oil together and scrub your feet for 30 seconds each. Not only will they look great, they will feel amazing afterwards.

Take your face off. Forget the drying makeup removers and soaps. Coconut oil is a fantastic way to remove makeup and soften skin (and it has been known to keep undereye bags at bay).

Less yeast infections. My girlfriend swears that since she started taking a spoonful every day, she’s not had a single one. This is a big deal for an avid swimmer who got one nearly every other month.

What’s your favourite coconut oil remedy?